Back to Normal

I have had quite a few bereavements and losses over recent years and this book described all the feelings and thoughts that i experienced at these times. Jo explains these feelings so well and made me feel that it was ok to feel the way i did. I loved how individual stories described how other's dealt with their bereavement and loss and the positive outcomes. Jo has an excellent insight into the impact of these difficult times and uses her own experience to demonstrate how there is light and healing. An excellent read for those needing to understand why and how we feel and react to bereavement and loss.

Finally got round to reading this book and what an amazing read it was. The journey the reader is taken on if so touching, heartwarming and at times an absolute tearjerker.
I strongly recommend this book and will certainly look forward to more from Jo in the future.

I loved this book, I was unsure I’d like it as i thought it would feel sad but it helps anyone as it will help you if you haven’t experienced these things, understand them more or anyone whose experienced loss of any kind. Illness, loss of relationship, grief, illness… it helps people relate as it’s sharing feelings , how as humans we deal with hard times and it feels as though Jo and the contributors are talking to you and i think it gives people hope, more understanding of these situations. It’s real, deep, loving and emotive. I loved it!

Grief is the last act of love we have for those we love. Where there is deep grief, there was great love.  Grief is painful and it is difficult . Happiness is possible after loss and bereavement and finding a sense of future is something which in time can be empowering and for some life-changing in so beautiful ways.


There is no right or wrong way to grieve, every story is different, however after being asked one day if I was now ‘back to normal’ after my bereavement I questioned if anyone ever truly goes ‘back to normal’.  So, I set about speaking with people about their unique experiences, and how their life had been affected by a bereavement or loss. The result was a collection of stories which are both heart-warming and heart-breaking. They beautifully illustrate how although the term ‘grief’ covers everyone, the actual meaning and story behind it can be very different. 


The book ‘Back to normal?’ is about real people, the real lives they have led following a bereavement or loss and how their life now is anything but ‘normal’. Instead they live in a ‘new-normal’ world, often with a very different outlook on life. 


Loss and/or bereavement is essentially a roller-coaster of both physical and complex emotions, but as you will hear from some of the stories, including my own experience, it can also be one that offers hope and inspiration at a time when life seems very dark and overwhelming.


However, you read my book, I hope that you are inspired to think about your own experiences of loss and/or bereavement and that you discover your own unique meaning to your ‘new-normal’ and find your own way of  looking forward to a meaningful and hopeful future.


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Caring for Cancer The Real Journey


This is my debut book. It is a powerful and emotional insight into my journey, from my late-husbands diagnosis and his heart-breaking death in 2019.  It describes how my life changed from one of uncertainty, to one of hope, determination, and love.


It is my uncensored real-life journey as a carer through the cancer pathway, and how I coped with the wide-ranging thoughts and emotions associated with his diagnosis, treatment and ultimately grief.

The book was written using real thoughts and feelings and is based on factual events.  It provides a raw insight into the pure emotions experienced on a day-to-day basis throughout the journey, and how ultimately I used those experiences to forge my way through bereavement, and onto an inspirational journey of finding hope, encouragement and a renewed lust for life. 

In my journey, I sadly lost the love of my life, but I also gained a new outlook on my future by finding a way to adapt to a ‘new normal’, despite my life changing. 

If you are going through a similar situation, this book will support you in knowing that you are not alone, and that the thoughts and feelings you go through are understood.  Despite the darkest of days, it is possible to remember the ones we loved with courage and a determination to turn something so difficult into a meaningful future.

However you read this book whether you be a carer yourself, a family member, a friend or a medical professional it can offer a profoundly inspiring and unique insight.


You can purchase my book on Amazon

Through reading this book you are taken on Jay and Jo's Journey, one of sadness but hope and the incredible fight to live that Jay put up. I cried my way through most of the pages but not just sad tears, happy ones at times too of the memories that Jo shares about their life together. This is a most honest read about not just the sadly the person battling, but also just exactly what the Carer of that person goes through and the effect that in turn has on everyone around them. Im so proud to have none Jay, albeit not long enough and im so happy to watch Jo on her new Journey with her life, proving that life can and does go on and through grief you can smile again and you are allowed to be happy again one day. Be prepared to cry lots but also be ready to find inspiration through where this book ends

Beautifully written direct from the heart. An incredible journey of sadness and love that paves the pathway to inspiring hope and happiness for anyone finding themselves a carer of a loved one with cancer or bereavement. Deeply truthful, Touching, moving, raw and emotional

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